How to avoid not being a little all over the place and focus on one thing? How to set up clear priorities? How to eliminate ideas?

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is finding their focus. Entrepreneurs, by their very nature, are full of ideas and energy, which works well to get things going, but can be a liability as the organization grows. As some clever woman has said: “You can have it all. Just not all at once”.

We have invited Jonne Davidsson to our next Wednesday Workshop to help you with these kind of challenges. Jonne is an owner and CEO of PointScale Oy which is the media for 3D information. Pointscale is developed by 3point Ltd, a Finnish startup company specialized in accurate 3D data collection, data refinement and online data services for customer-specific needs vastly within the built infrastructure. Jonne is also a Partner CTO at 3point Ltd.

Free coffee and tea will be available for all. Hope to see you on next Wednesday!