Be inspired by entrepreneurial skills and their importance to our graduates!


Aalto schools together with Aalto Ventures Program (AVP) and Aalto Learning Services organize a series of special events called ‘Inspire!’ from 1st of September to 4th of September. The purpose of the Inspire! week is to inspire Aalto faculty and staff to work on how to integrate entrepreneurial skills and mindset into the core curriculum of each school of Aalto.

The distinguished guest, Prof. Tina Seelig from Stanford University and Stanford Technology Ventures Program, will be with us for four entire days. The main program is focused on faculty members from all six schools of Aalto but all members of Aalto community are welcome to participate.



To develop entrepreneurial culture inside Aalto, in summer 2014, four faculty members from Aalto went to Stanford to find ways to improve their curriculum to meet the standards of rapidly changing environment. The faculty members were impressed by the insights they got, and numerous concrete initiatives have spun out from the project. Inspired by the results, Aalto brings the best minds from Stanford and Aalto to work on entrepreneurial mindset and skills here on our campuses.

The main part of the program will be six workshops held at each of the six schools. These half-a-day programs are meant to inspire Aalto faculty to find new ways to improve their curriculum to meet the standards of rapidly changing environment, and to find new ways to teach innovation and entrepreneurship as a part of the curriculum. The workshops are designed together with 6 schools of Aalto and AVP. In addition to the workshops, other events such as talks and get-togethers will be organized.

The event will take place from 1st of September to 4th of September.
The schedule is described below:

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The workshop programs can be found below:
*Please note that the program is designed to meet each school’s expectations.


School of Business(BIZ)
Date&Time: Wed.02.Sep. 09.30-11.30
Topic: Design and delivery of two Bachelor level mandatory mass courses (Industrial engineering and management, basic course [School of Science] & Entrepreneurship and innovation management [School of Business]).
Venue: A-153, Istuntosali, Töölö campus
*BIZ workshop is exclusively for professors in charge of the two courses.

School of Arts, Design and Architecture(ARTS)
Date&Time: Wed.02.Sep. 13.00-16.00
Topic: Integrating entrepreneurial skills and mindset into courses and curriculum.
Venue: Auditorium, Media Factory, Hämeentie 135A, Arabia campus

  • Opening / Dean Anna Valtonen
  • Aalto Ventures Program introduction / Executive Director Olli Vuola
  • Alumni entrepreneur view
  • Faculty view
  • Student view
  • Keynotes and discussion / Prof. Tina Seelig
  • Wrap-up and closing

School of Engineering(ENG)
Date&Time: Thu.03.Sep. 09.00-12.00
* The workshop with School of Engineering planned on Thursday morning has been canceled.

School of Chemical Technology(CHEM)
Date&Time: Thu.03.Sep. 13.00-16.00
Topic: Integrating entrepreneurial skills and mindset into courses and curriculum. (Participants will join the group work)
Venue: Learning Hub, Vuorimiehentie 2, Otaniemi campus

  • Opening / Dean Janne Laine(Industrial change in Finland)
  • Entrepreneurship education / Prof. Marina Biniari
  • Key note / Prof. Tina Seelig
  • Student perspective
  • Group work, facilitated by Prof. Tina Seelig
  • Group work discussion
  • Entrepreneurs view on entrepreneurship, Betulium Oy
  • Closing

School of Electrical Engineering(ELEC)
Date&Time: Fri.04.09 09.00-12.00
Topic: Integrating entrepreneurial skills and mindset into courses and curriculum.
Venue: Sodexo Nettikahvila, Otakaari 5, Otaniemi campus

  • Opening / Dean Jyri Hämäläinen
  • Entrepreneurship education / Prof. Mikko Jääskeläinen
  • Key notes / Prof. Tina Seelig
  • Introduction of the themes & group works topics/ Vice Dean Keijo Nikoskinen
  • Group works facilitated by Prof. Tina Seelig
  • Summary / Prof. Tina Seelig

School of Science(SCI)
Date&Time: Fri.04.09 13.30-16.30
Topic: Integrating entrepreneurial skills and mindset into courses and curriculum by collaborating
with corporations and startups, emphasizing Individual & Project Courses.
Venue: Sali T2, Konemiehentie 2, Otaniemi campus

  • Opening / Vice Dean Lauri Malmi
  • Keynote on entrepreneurship education / Prof. Marina Biniari
  • Keynote / Prof. Tina Seelig
  • Faculty entrepreneur / Prof. Olli-Pekka Mutanen
  • Entrepreneurship from student point of view
  • Workshop in groups
  • Closing


AVP Thought Leaders’ Talk

Thought Leaders’ Talk (TLT) is series of keynote speech and/or “fire-side” chats with prominent entrepreneurial leaders hosted by Aalto Ventures Program.
The overarching objective is to inspire, engage and drive attendees to pursue the various opportunities our entrepreneurial community enables.
The target group for this series is students, with the intention to attract those who are not yet active in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Nevertheless, the general public is also welcome.

“Get Ideas Out of Your Head and Into the World”

There is an insatiable demand for innovation and entrepreneurship to help individuals and companies thrive in a competitive and dynamic marketplace. However, there hasn’t been a well-charted course from rough ideas to polished ventures. In this TLT, Tina Seelig describes a new model, the Invention Cycle, that illustrates how imagination leads to entrepreneurship. This framework captures the attitudes and actions that are necessary to foster innovation and to bring breakthrough ideas to the world.

Thought Leaders’ Talk by Tina Seelig will be on 03.September.2015 at 5pm.
The venue is “The Stage” in Design Factory.


Why entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a crucial driver of our economy regardless of professions and scale of
business. People who are frequently exposed to entrepreneurship often have more creative
freedom, high self esteem and overall sense of control over their own lives. Even in the big
corporations, creating new business is required while maintaining existing systems. Building
entrepreneurial culture enables individuals to be more capable and also contributes to both
domestic and global economy.




Tina Seelig, Professor of the practice, Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University

Dr. Tina Seelig is Professor of the Practice in the Dept of Management Science and Engineering (MS&E) at Stanford University, and co-director for the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP), the entrepreneurship center at Stanford University’s School of Engineering. She teaches courses on creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the dept of MS&E and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design ( at Stanford.

Dr. Seelig earned her Ph.D. from Stanford University Medical School where she studied Neuroscience. She has worked as a management consultant, multimedia producer, and was the founder of a multimedia company. She has written 17 popular science books and educational games. Her newest books, published by HarperCollins, are Insight Out (2015), inGenius (2012), What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 (2009).

Among other honors, Dr. Seelig received the SVForum Visionary Award in 2014, and along with Tom Byers, she received the Gordon Prize from the National Academy of Engineering in 2009, recognizing her as a national leader in engineering education.



Mervi Rantanen, Manager, Learning Service, Aalto University
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Olli Vuola, Executive Director, Aalto Ventures Program

Myung Gi ‘MJ’ Suh, Global Partnership Coordinator, Aalto Ventures Program
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