How much does leadership actually matter in a startup? How your leadership has to change as your startup scales? How to inspire other people to do their best?

Come to our Wednesday Workshop with Samuli Rantala to get the answers how to become a better leader!

Samuli is a parallel entrepreneur whose job is his passion. During the last 10 years, he has been acting as a Co-founder, CEO, COB, Partner, Owner and Interim mainly in technology oriented start-ups. His companies have had clients all over the world. Samuli has lived in the US in 2011 when he founded one of his companies’ US subsidiary. Today Samuli is an owner of two start-ups: one focusing on Digitalization strategies using Salesfroce ( and another one helping companies establish better mental fitness and build healthy company cultures ( One of Samuli’s core interest areas is how peoples’ mindsets, feelings and behavior impact on business outcomes and how to deal with them.

Free coffee and tea will be available for all. Hope to see you on next Wednesday!