AVP provides an opportunity for Aalto students to attend Opportunity Prototyping Summer School organized by NORDTEK.

The summer school will be led by Peter Kelly who is having MBA from Notre Dame and PhD from London Business School. The Summer School includes two days of lectures, 14-15.6.

In addition if the student would like to attend one day long NORDTEK conference 16.6 the price is 400€. Please, note there are scholarships available for the Nordtek summer school including the Nordtek conference. More info: https://nordtek2017.aalto.fi/en/summer_school/


1) Register here: https://goo.gl/forms/9nztP30YvfCltMVW2
2) Send your CV: peter.kelly@aalto.fi


In essence, the pursuit of opportunity is a design process. The linear logic of “have idea”, “write plan”, “raise money” is entirely misplaced. In fact the very definition of “ideation” – a process of forming ideas or images – evokes strong resonance to design disciplines.

In this summer school, you will be introduced to an approach called effectuation, a set of decision-making principles that expert entrepreneurs rely on in situations of uncertainty.

For these experts:

1. Action is initiated based on the means available to them, their passions, skills, and networks, as opposed to pre-set goals
2. Limits are established up front as to the amount of money and time invested
3. Opportunities are explored and developed actively with outside parties (co-creators)
4. The element of surprise opens up fresh possibilities to reshape the opportunity
5. The future can be shaped by the actions you take

Your creativity will be activated throughout the program with practical exercises, challenges and masterclasses to gain:

1. Insights into the effectual mode of thinking
2. Practice in design thinking and doing
3. Confidence in communicating with impact
4. An appreciation for what it entails to be an entrepreneur

If you have an open attitude towards purposeful play, an open mind for critique, and a passion for discovering the entrepreneur within, join in!