* REthink – REstart – REact **

Did you ever want to take a home appliance apart but were afraid you would not be able to put it back together again? Or did you ever consider how complex even simple machines are to disasemble for recycling? Now you can try your hands on concrete recycling!

REact is a circular economy hands-on workshop that shows you the insides of common household machines and what materials they are made of. The event is sponsored by Kuusakoski (www.kuusakoski.com). Kuusakoski will bring stuff that is to be recycled and you can take it apart to find out what is inside. You can also bring your own stuff and tools, and take that apart. From waste to wealth.

Event is organized in collaboration with Aalto CHEM, Design Factory and Aaltonaut.

Don’t waste this opportunity!

WHEN: 15th March, 14:00
WHERE: Protobunker workshop space, Design Factory (downstairs)
WHOM: For everyone interested in entrepreneurship and a sustainable economy

REact is a part of AVP Circular Economy Startup Week discovering the business opportunities of waste and recycling. Join also other AVP Circular Economy Startup Week events: