What are the global challenges of energy and especially in the field of energy business? What should be done in order to meet the challenges? How can you balance the global carbon cycle?

This and much more you will learn on Wednesday, 24th of January when we are joined by the real sentient of the energy field. We are honored to get Mika Anttonen to our next (and this year’s first) Thought Leaders’ Talk session!

Mika Anttonen a business executive and a Finnish entrepreneur in the field of the energy business. He is one of the owners of the fuel distribution company St1 Nordic Oy (turnover of 2.5 billion euros) and of St1 Group Oy’s oil refining company in Sweden (net sales of 4.1 billion euros). He is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of both companies.

Mika is known as an advocate and investor in renewable energy. According to him, fossil fuel trading allows St1’s strategic orientation towards renewable energy. He says that the strategy he made for St1 company at the end of the 1990’s was to find ways to find the energy that replaces dropping oil: “I was thinking about how to meet the energy needs of the planet. There will again be one billion inhabitants and they need so much energy to stay alive. When you see a big picture, you will see what it means in Europe or in Finland. ”

Join us for the next Thought Leaders’ Talk by Mika Anttonen!

TLT is a series of monthly keynote speeches with prominent entrepreneurial leaders hosted by Aalto Ventures Program.

WHAT: Thought Leaders’ Talk by Mika Anttonen
WHEN: 24.1, 5:00pm – 7:00pm
WHERE: Startup Sauna, Betonimiehenkuja 3D, 02150 Espoo
WHOM: For everyone interested in entrepreneurship