The start-up game for some, is a long and tortuous journey and for others it is living the dream. With ten start-ups under his belt, serial entrepreneur Clive Jackson will share some of his experiences and learnings and provide some of insights that might be useful when embarking on you own start-up venture.

Designed and built his first toy (a motorised Moon Buggy) at the age of ten, which was selected by the largest toy manufacture in Hong Kong OK Toys), but when they found out he was only 9 years old they told him to come back in another ten years.

Launched his first start-up at the age of 21, since then he has ten start-up’s under his belt, two acquisitions (8 are profitable/sold ) (2 loss making/closed) (4 are still current) (1 liquidation) (3 exits)

Serial disruptor
Achieved three Guinness Book of World Records having created MOPY the pet fish cyber-pet) 1998, 1999 & 2000 – with 26 million downloads
Having the most profitable digital agency groups in the UK with EBIT 34% on circa £9m gross operating profit