From a small Malaysian village Evon always aimed high. At the age of 28, she became the founder and CEO of the World’s First Events Hotel – HUONE est. November 2012.

Evon and her company have been recognized by many (Evento Awards as the ‘Best Event Venue in Finland’ & PwC’s Most Valuable Entrepreneur of the year for 2014). Her stories are being told in both the Taivas+Helvetti vol.2 and the SISU book. She is a public speaker on motivation and entrepreneurship, a supporter for charity on children welfare as well as an ambassador for the SISU campaign.

Today, leading a team of fourteen, Evon is working hard on expanding Huone abroad while she’s raising a 2 year old boy with her Finnish husband.


After Evon’s talk at 18:00 we are continuing with networking & light catering. Sponsored by Founder.ORG