What is the full story behind pulled oats? How to change consumer’s behavior towards a more sustainable consumption? How to create new products and concepts from the scratch?

We are happy to welcome a creative industrial designer, brand builder, design manager, tech lover, serial entrepreneur and the mother of pulled oats (nyhtökaura) Maija Itkonen to our next TLT session to answer these questions.

If you had to name one food phenomenon from 2016, it would probably be pulled oats. The first batches arrived in stores in the spring and disappeared off the shelves in a matter of minutes. Made from oats and faba beans, the novel meat substitute containing protein had clearly struck gold. The new kind of plant protein, developed together by business guru Maija Itkonen and food scientist Reetta Kivelä, seemed to have found its way into people’s homes out of nowhere, but behind it are almost ten years of research and a thesis on oats. Come to our next TLT session to hear the full story behind the pulled oats.