Otto Söderlund is the founding partner of Magenta Advisory, a leading management consultancy focusing on digital strategy & transformation (acquired by BearingPoint group in 2015). He has become an internationally recognized thought leader advising large international companies on how to win in digital disruption. While founding and growing one of the most successful management consulting boutiques in the Nordics, he has never let go of his passion for music and DJing. He is a living example of the fact that whatever you decide to do in your life, you don’t need to forget who you are and what you love.

In this TLT, Otto will share his insights on digital disruption, a phenomenon that is rewriting the rules of the game and is the single most important business trend of our time. It can dramatically transform whole industries in a matter of years as can be seen for example in the media and retail industries. New digitally enabled players like Amazon, Square, Uber, Tesla or Airbnb emerge and grow faster than what we’ve ever seen in the past and make yesterday’s winners obsolete. How should company leaders and entrepreneurs leverage the opportunities of this megatrend?

Thought Leaders’ Talk by Otto Söderlund will be on 25th of November 2015, at 5pm.
The venue is Startup Sauna Backstage, Betonimiehenkuja 3 D, 02150 Espoo