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The biggest problems in the world may seem impossible to solve, but with the help of science-based innovations, we can fight them. By boosting the solutions further and making them real with entrepreneurship, we can win.

The big problems facing our planet today — such as climate change, poverty and inequality — are complex and severe, but they’re not unsolvable. Some of the best tools for solving big, complex problems are — and always have been — science and research. They help us uncover new solutions, reach new frontiers, and see what was previously unseen.

However, the problem with science and research is that they are often — and sometimes literally — done in a vacuum, and sometimes they never leave it. Many researchers and scientists don’t have the necessary tools to take their research into practice and realize the value in it. Even the most revolutionary idea won’t make an impact if nobody hears about it.

That is where we come in.

Created by research, spread by entrepreneurship

Aalto Ventures Program helps researchers and scientists take their research out of the proverbial vacuum and into the real world, where it can make a change. We believe the best way to do this is to equip the academic community with entrepreneurial attitudes and skills. For us, entrepreneurship isn’t only about founding companies — it is a mindset and a tool that helps daring individuals to solve real, meaningful problems either with their own company or from inside an existing organization. By becoming more entrepreneurial, it’ll be easier for you to:

  1. Identify the value in your research and communicate it to stakeholders
  2. Create networks in the business world to increase impact and find career opportunities
  3. Commercialize your research and make it into a business

Are you ready to see how far your research can fly, if you give it wings? See our offering below, or get in touch if you have any questions.

What we offer

Impact from Research

Would you like your research to make a real difference not only inside academia but out in the world? In this multidisciplinary and diverse course, we'll teach you what it means in practice, and how to do it without sacrificing academic integrity.

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Solutions from Research

The world desperately needs new, innovative solutions based on science, but unless no one wants to buy them, they're no good to anyone. In this course, you'll practice ​creating research-based, marketable solutions in multidisciplinary teams to make a difference — and maybe some money.

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From Lab to Market

From Lab To Market is an event series that helps you find the answers to many questions regarding creating impact from science, and where you’ll get to know people with similar questions in mind. You can listen to inspiring stories of scientists turned entrepreneurs, exchange thoughts over a cup of coffee on how to create impact from research, and network across disciplines and organizations.

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Other open events

We also organize other events open for people interested in combining research with entrepreneurship! Join our Funding-events to learn how to invest in science-based startups, or come to Matchbox, an event where we shed light on ventures & innovations created in Aalto’s ecosystem and bring the entrepreneurial community together.

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I got both confidence and practical skills at AVP. Entrepreneurship is no longer something I fear, but something I could do straight away.

Sampson Tetteh, doctoral student at Aalto University
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