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We can’t predict the future, but we can build it. The best builders are entrepreneurs, and to us that means more than just founders. Anyone with the right mindset can reshape the world.

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All university students need entrepreneurial skills. That doesn’t mean we want every student to become an entrepreneur, because we don’t. The skills and mindsets of successful entrepreneurs, however, are beneficial to everyone. In a world that’s changing faster than ever, it’s more important than ever to understand users’ needs, to be adaptive and creative, to solve problems instead of finding scapegoats and to be able to communicate your vision to others. That’s what entrepreneurs have always done, and it’s time everyone else started doing it too.

In a rapidly changing world, it’s impossible to predict the future precisely. What we can do is try and build a future in which we’d like to live and see our grandchildren live. At AVP, students solve real problems related to sustainable development goals. After your time with us, you’re free to set up your own company, or take your skills and ideas into an existing one and help them see things more clearly. Either way is equally valuable in building a better future.

Anyone can be a builder. We’re here to help you find your tools.

What we offer

Hands-on education

No exams, no textbooks, no BS. At AVP, you’ll learn by solving real and meaningful problems, working with real companies, in multidisciplinary and international teams. Our own courses, taught by AVP staff and external industry professionals, will provide you with the skills and mindset to either become a founder or work like an entrepreneur in any company, without forgetting wellbeing and work-life balance. In addition, we compiled a list of recommended, high-quality entrepreneurial courses form Aalto University’s offering for you to choose from.

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Open events

Ranging from hands-on workshops for small groups to inspiring talks for hundreds of people, our not-for-credit events are always free to attend. We bring in founders, mentors, investors and other professionals to share their knowledge and stories with you, and they’re always up for a chat after the event. Whether you’re looking for concrete skills to up your game or to get inspired by hearing how others have succeeded, we’ve got you covered.

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Online learning

Looking to get some entrepreneurial skills but can’t find room for courses or events in your calendar? We know how you feel. That’s why we offer online education as well, so you could learn on your own terms, wherever and whenever. Starting Up is a free-for-all introductory course to startup entrepreneurship and on Entrepreneurship Intro you will learn the basics of setting up a small business of your own.

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We had so many different majors and specializations between us that the notion of competency became a personal ideal.

Adam Lim, SUTD Singapore University of Technology
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