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Introducing entrepreneurship into your teaching

Entrepreneurship is all about creating new businesses, be it in the context of start-ups or established companies. Entrepreneurship is also one of the corner stones of the Aalto University strategy for 2016-2020. You can help reaching the Aalto goal of building a sustainable society driven by innovation and entrepreneurship by integrating entrepreneurship into your education.

What to do if you have been asked to add entrepreneurship education into your teaching

Integration teaching in Aalto

Including entrepreneurial education into a study program

  • Pre-select AVP as a minor for the study program
    This is the recommended way. By adding AVP as a minor, students benefit from interaction with students from other programs for a true interdisciplinary experience.
    How: Contact AVP co-ordinator Kalle Airo to inform him about the inclusion. This is important so that AVP can allocate resources as demand for AVP Minor increase. The study program should also nominate a local study co-ordinator who will be the contact point in the program should students approach AVP with questions related to your program
  • Adding individual AVP courses to the study program
    AVP courses are available to all students in Aalto and hence AVP courses can be added to programs. As courses already are quite full, it is important that you discuss adding AVP courses into programs, especially if the courses are meant to be mandatory.
    How: Contact AVP co-ordinator Kalle Airo to agree on the details.

Including AVP teaching in individual courses

  • Including AVP teaching into the course
    Entrepreneurship can most easily and effectively be added to project courses of at least 5 ECTS (preferable 10-12 ECTS). Entrepreneurship should be added as a “longitudinal” thread throughout the course, just adding a few lectures does not provide deep learning.
    How: AVP can help in design courses with entrepreneurial content. Contact Håkan Mitts at AVP to learn more.
  • Lectures
    If you just want to add a small taster into a course, AVP can (as availability allows) offer lectures or short workshops as part of a course. This however is not a very effective way of teaching entrepreneurship and is not recommended.

Participating in AVP courses as Aalto faculty and staff

You can familiarize yourself with entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education by participating in AVP courses. You are welcome to participate in AVP courses even if you are currently not enrolled as students.

  • Step 1: Agree directly with the teacher of the course you want to participate in to ensure that there is room for you in the course. (This does not require contacting AVP Service team).
  • Step 2: Fill in and sign this form “erillisopinto-oikeus” and ask the teacher to sign it too as the decision maker.
  • Step 3: Deliver the form to Sari Salmisuo (sari.salmisuo@aalto.fi, +358 50 408 4540, CS Building/Konemiehentie 2 Room A225) of SCI Learning Services. Remember to tick the box declaring that you are employed by Aalto University.

Tools and methods

Want to try integrating entrepreneurial skills in your course? These are free-to-use tools and methods for teaching purposes which you can use to introduce students to entrepreneurial skills. All of the exercises come with readily prepared facilitation slides you can use separately or attach to your own slideset.