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All students need and deserve entrepreneurial capabilities, but we at AVP can’t teach all of them by ourselves. That’s why we need you.

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Integrating entrepreneurship to your teaching

We believe all university students can benefit from having entrepreneurial mindset and skills, regardless of whether they end up becoming founders or not. In a rapidly changing world, it’s exceedingly important to be self-directed, to understand what problems are important to solve and to have the capacity to find innovative ways to solve them while providing value.

These skills should be taught as natural part of studies. This is why we help teachers in Aalto and all over the world to add entrepreneurial elements to their teaching.

Want to try integrating entrepreneurial skills in your course or study program? We have free-to-use tools and methods for teaching purposes which you can use to introduce students to entrepreneurial skills. If you’d like to redesign your course even further, contact us and let’s have a chat!

Levels of integration

Integration of entrepreneurial skills to your teaching can happen in a number of ways. We can re-design the whole program together to support the learning of entrepreneurial ways, do the same to an individual course, or we can host one workshop or lecture to provide a quick overview of some entrepreneurial topic.

We highly suggest re-designing an entire program or course, as these methods will provide the students with a much deeper learning experience. Entrepreneurship can most easily and effectively be added to project courses of at least 5 ECTS (preferably 10–12 ECTS).

If you’d like to start working with us to make your program or courses more entrepreneurial, let us know and we’ll get to work!


Other ways of entrepreneurial education

If integrating entrepreneurial content to your own teaching is a bit too much right now, there are other ways we can help.

You can pre-select AVP Startup Minor as a minor for your study program. By adding AVP as a minor, students benefit from interaction with students from other programs for a true interdisciplinary experience.

Alternatively, you could add individual AVP courses or entrepreneurial courses recommended by AVP to your study program. The courses are available to all students in Aalto and can be added to all programs. As courses already are quite full, it is important that you let us know if you’re planning on adding AVP courses into a program, especially if the courses are meant to be mandatory.

If you’d like to include entrepreneurial courses to your program, contact AVP’s co-director Kalle Airo to discuss the details.

But that’s not all

Tools & Methods

Want to try integrating entrepreneurial skills in your course? These are free-to-use tools and methods for teaching purposes which you can use to introduce students to entrepreneurial skills. All of the exercises come with readily prepared facilitation slides you can use separately or attach to your own slideset.

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Train the Trainers

Train the Trainers is a two-day-long intensive hands-on workshop to help you re-design your course to be more entrepreneurial. The session is based on experiential learning principles and is set up as a short entrepreneurial course. As a participant, you will act in the role of a student and get a thorough look at one way of teaching entrepreneurship. Check out if we have an upcoming training you could join, or request a session for your own educational institute by getting in touch!

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Watching AVP's teachers do their magic with students was a great inspiration to me. I saw how fun and valuable it is to teach an innovation project course in an engineering curriculum.

Janne Halme, SCI teacher of the year 2020
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