Entrepreneurial Education Game

A gamified way of learning the process of creating a new business

Create a path from an idea to a happy customer

The idea of the game is simple: create a path from an idea to a satisfied customer.

Unlike most games, you do not compete against your friends. Instead, you work as a team to iteratively develop your idea into a product that puts a smile on the consumers’ faces. You must come up with all the necessary steps to bring your idea into reality, and will face tough real-world challenges that will test the solutions you thought were perfect. Your team must recognize the skills needed to hone your product to perfection, and humbly acknowledge what you still lack.

Are you ready to face the turmoil of creating something new?

Welcome to New Business Game. Let’s get started!

The goal of the game is to give the participants an experience of new business development. The game can be useful for teachers and students alike, and the learning objective of the game varies according to the needs of the participants. When used by teachers, the objective is to discover entrepreneurship education learning goals. In the case of students, the learning focuses more on the process needed to get from an idea to a happy customer.

The game format lowers the threshold for communication on entrepreneurship education learning goals within teams of teachers, students and other staff. It provides platform for organic development of the basic process in entrepreneurship: from an idea to happy customer, and building the learning goals without prior assumptions.

Game details

Class size: 5-50
Facilitators needed: 1-2
Facilitation required: Low
Cost of equipment: Low
Duration: 2-3 hours
Learning outcomes: New business creation process

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