Tools and Methods

for teaching entrepreneurial skills

Want to try integrating entrepreneurial skills in your course?

These are free-to-use tools and methods for teaching purposes which you can use to introduce students to entrepreneurial skills. All of the exercises come with readily prepared facilitation slides you can use separately or attach to your own slideset.

The tools and methods have been developed as a part of a higher education development project YTYÄ funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

Stay tuned for updates and more tools!

Short Entrepreneurial Exercises

These simple exercises are doable in a short time and require very little preparation or facilitation. Use them to intoduce students to entrepreneurial thinking, or simply as a warm-up early into the lecture.

Class size: Unlimited
Facilitators needed: 1
Facilitation required: Very low
Cost of equipment: Low
Duration: 3-5 minutes + discussion
Learning outcomes: Ideation, Creativity

Entrepreneurial Education Game

A gamified way of learning the process of creating a new business by creating a path from an idea to a happy customer.

Class size: 5-50
Facilitators needed: 1-2
Facilitation required: Low
Cost of equipment: Low
Duration: 2-3 hours
Learning outcomes: New business creation process