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Based on science, built for market

We love good research as much as anyone, but what we love even more is seeing it leave the nest and become a real product.


Join us at the next From Lab to Market event to discover three different stories, around all living things! This time we’re hearing developments from researchers in health and life sciences.

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How to create impact out of research? How to turn your research into action? Could I, should I, commercialize my research? Do I have to leave academia, can I ever return? What does science-based entrepreneurship or academic entrepreneurship mean? These questions — among many others related to the area of science to impact — are being pondered by many researchers and academics.

From Lab To Market is an event series that helps you find the answers, and where you’ll get to know people with similar questions in mind. You can listen to inspiring stories of scientists turned entrepreneurs, exchange thoughts over a cup of coffee on how to create impact from research, and network across disciplines and organizations.

A chemist displaying her work

Our past speakers include people from fields such as biomaterials, health, environment and renewable energy, but we don’t want to limit ourselves. Have a great speaker or a topic in mind? Let us know!

The From Lab to Market event series is organized by Aalto Ventures Program, VTT LaunchpadAalto Startup Center and Aalto Innovation Services, in collaboration with Helsinki Think Company. The events are hosted online on Remo for the time being, but we hope to organize them also physically in the future.

Past events and speakers

"Entrepreneurs can follow their dreams - being financially successful and making their products do something good. There is no contradiction."

Cecile Blilious, Head of Impact and Sustainability at Pitango Venture Capital

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"Many scientists are afraid that the VC comes in and takes over the company — while that's a VC's worst nightmare."

Toni Lindén, Co-founder of KNL Networks

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"I believe the world is ready for big changes and innovations — and this is where scientists working together come in."

Mari Granström, Chief Science Activist & Founder of Origin by Ocean

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"A company is just a legal instrument for you to do what you want to do."

Aki Soudunsaari, Co-founder of Naava

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"To get the best feedback, tell everyone what you're doing — especially outside your bubble."

Pasi Vainikka, Co-founder & CEO of Solar Foods

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