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In this course you will learn the basics of how to set up a new business. You will follow a budding entrepreneur, Veera, on her journey towards her own company. Veera will be guided by Aalto Ventures Program (AVP) teachers Lidia Borisova and Håkan Mitts.

The course consists of 9 episodes. Each episode starts with Veera sharing her thoughts and questions about her entrepreneurial journey. In the rest of the session you will be introduced to some new concepts and methods that help in setting up a new business.

After each video by Veera and at the end of each session, there are small quizzes that you must pass before you can move on. For those who are interested to learn more, there is an Additional material section at the end of each lesson that contains additional useful material and links.

A few practical instructions:

  • The lessons must be taken in order, you cannot jump around.
  • You need to watch the full video sessions, you cannot fast forward. If you missed something you can restart the video after it has completed.
  • You need to pass the quizzes before you can move on to the next lesson, you have only 2 tries per quiz, answer carefully!
  • Note that some quizzes can have multiple correct answers!
  • If you do not see a video on this page and get stuck moving forward, then the most likely reason is that you have either a) disabled cookies on the avp.aalto.fi site, b) disable cross-site cookies or c) you use an ad-blocker that blocks the video feeds. To fix this, go into your browser settings and address the appropriate issue.

Happy studying!

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