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Pitching and mingling for entrepreneurial minds

Everyone has ideas — sometimes they just need the right kindling to ignite. Meet your match and light up the entrepreneurial spirit.

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Innumerable ideas, crowded in the same space. With a proper spark, any one of them could ignite into a roaring success. Do you have an idea, or are you the spark that kindles the flame?

Welcome to Matchbox.

To solve the world’s most pressing issues, we need to light the fires of creativity and innovation. Through entrepreneurship, we can achieve new solutions to big problems and together build a brighter future. And we need to start sometime, so why not now?

Matchbox offers you a safe environment to share your project or startup idea with experts from different industries. You’ll have a chance to get advice and feedback that can take your idea to the next level. You can meet with other entrepreneurial minds, widen your network, or even put together a dream team to make your dreams come true. Or just enjoy a bite and a drink, and spend an evening with like-minded friends both old and new.

At the core of Matchbox are the final pitches of our Startup Experience students, who have worked for months on startup ideas for solving problems related to the Sustainable Development Goals by the UN. Come see what they’ve achieved, and get inspiration for your own project!

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