AVP Startup Minor

AVP Startup Minor

The AVP Startup minor is targeted for those who see themselves as future entrepreneurs. Completing the minor will provide you an experience where you learn practical ‘street smarts’ for starting new ventures or joining a startup as an early employee. During the courses you will learn by doing together with people from various backgrounds and nationalities. The minor consists of the Startup Experience course, supported by 1-2 required core courses and a large selection of elective courses.

In Startup Minor, student will learn the essentials of:
– Founding a startup
– Forming a core team, founding a startup, and starting the building of organization
– Understanding marketing from bottom up perspective
– Searching for business models
– Developing leadership and innovation skills

Find the full list of courses and more information in the Startup minor on INTO.


Additional information

Depending on the year when student got his/her study right at Aalto University, s/he has different options to include AVP as Minor to their degree.


Students with study right from 2014-2015

Students with study right from 2015-2016

Students with study right from 2016-2017

Students with study right from 2017-2018