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Anna Dementyeva joins Aalto Ventures Program as an Incubation Specialist. She sees universities as a perfect place for students for testing ideas and getting feedback for them before jumping into the business world. Sometimes the jump can be a long one, however, and that’s where her role comes in.

At AVP, Anna will be in charge of building a new incubator program for validating ideas before making the leap to entrepreneurship. In the program, students can work on their SDG-related ideas and decide if the idea could grow into a sustainable business.

Anna comes from an entrepreneurial family and has a background in pedagogy, so the AVP team was a natural fit. Her previous experience from being a teacher, working in another university entrepreneurship education program, and from an accelerator gives her the right tools to help the students in Aalto University reach their full potential.

Besides teaching and entrepreneurship, Anna is crazy about cats and robots, and can’t resist the temptation to start talking to either if she sees one. She’s also a huge fan of Kalevala and will talk for hours if anyone asks her about it — you have been warned.

Learning by doing is my favorite principle, and that’s what AVP is about. I hope to equip the Aalto community with capabilities to validate their ideas before jumping into entrepreneurship.

We are happy to have you, Anna! For more information about Anna, check out her LinkedIn. Feel free to get in touch with her!

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