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AVP has found a new teacher to join the team, Heidi Mikkonen!

Heidi Mikkonen is a new part-time teacher at Aalto Ventures Program. She has a strong practical knowledge of entrepreneurship: she has been a co-founder of three companies and a board member at several companies. In addition, she has experience of e.g. receivership and exit processes. One of the companies she has been co-founding, Privaon, was selected last year as #36 of the 100 fastest-growing companies in Finland. Now she is looking forward to teaching entrepreneurial capabilities and mindset at Aalto and be part of the AVP team!

At AVP Heidi’s main tasks will be co-teaching our flagship course Startup Experience and developing our integration offering at Aalto. This summer she can also be spotted at our new Kesäbuusti course as one of the teachers in charge.

Heidi’s main areas of interest are related to marketing, sales, and HR as well as developing new businesses. She has over 20 years of experience in marketing at both the private and non-profit sectors, and she has been responsible for HR-functions, including recruitment for several years. Also, Heidi is enthusiastic about coaching and developing and testing new ideas and concepts.

Heidi has two master’s degrees: one from the Helsinki School of Business (major marketing) and another from the University of Tampere (major environmental policy). In addition, she is just finalizing her adult pedagogy studies at the University of Helsinki. In fact, she has been studying her whole adulthood since her passion is to develop herself and learn continuously new things.

In her free time, Heidi loves traveling with her family and a variety of sports activities, like in-line skating, yoga, jogging, kick-biking, hiking, cycling, and so forth.


I am eager to be part of creating AVP’s vision “Sustainability Through Entrepreneurship” true, and look forward to work with you all!

Welcome to our team! For more information about Heidi, check out her LinkedIn. Feel free to get in touch with her anytime!

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