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AVP’s summer course Creating Multidimensional Experiences is right around the corner. During the course, students will be taught not only by AVP’s own teachers, but also by other professionals. We’re glad to announce that the following teachers will be taking care that the students on CME will get an unforgettable learning experience.


Lidia Borisova

The Head Teacher of CME, with deep expertise in education, design thinking and service design.


Jari Ylitalo

Expert in leadership, team work, collaboration, and network management.


Jenni Kääriäinen

Visual designer who has played the key role as a visual designer in different major events such as SLUSH (the world’s leading startup & tech event), Flow Festival, Lux Helsinki and Tuska Festival.


Jonathan Chang

A serial entrepreneur, having co-founded six tech start-ups across sectors in Silicon Valley, Manhattan, Singapore, and Jakarta.


Lauri Järvilehto

A serial entrepreneur, philosopher, author, musician and a Sherlock Holmes fan.


Marko Turpeinen

Business visionary and academic leader with 25 years of experience in the digital transformation of industries and society.


Mike Grandinetti

A faculty member in entrepreneurship and executive education at Harvard and Brown University, a mentor at MIT Solve and UC Berkeley and a serial entrepreneur.


Paula Schönach

Senior advisor in sustainable development at Aalto Sustainability Hub (ASH).


Tero Hytönen

An artist working in organizations on interdisciplinary working environments dealing with people relations, new working methods and new ways of creating together.


Walid Cheikh

Pitching guru, who has been lecturing about presentation skills and entrepreneurship to thousands of people, including startup founders, students, executives and a wide range of others


Håkan Mitts

Senior Educator in Entrepreneurship with a long background in IT and mobile service innovation at, among others, the VTT Technical Research Center in Finland and Nokia.


Heidi Mikkonen

A serial entrepreneur and an educator in entrepreneurship.


Johannes Kaira

An entrepreneurship educator, who focuses on fine-tuning one´s reactions to match personal values, professional identity and the goal at hand.​




Kalle Airo

Expert on innovation and entrepreneurship, having taught and supported several startups as well as having founded a couple of his own.

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