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We believe everyone should have the opportunity to become more entrepreneurial.

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There are several ways to join our courses even if you’re not a regular Aalto-goer. Learn more below, and see what solution suits you best!

Non-degree studies

Non-degree studies enable studies at Aalto University without a right to complete a degree. Anyone living in Finland may apply for non-degree studies at Aalto University. The purpose of non-degree studies is to improve one’s professional skills by taking courses in one’s own field.

Make sure to check the school-specific instructions, and find out about the individual courses in the information system Sisu or learning environment MyCourses.

The fee for non-degree studies is 15 euros per credit.

The non-degree study right is course-specific, meaning the courses applied for must be listed on the application. If the study right is granted, the applicant can complete only the courses they have applied for.

Exchange studies

We strongly believe in diversity being the secret sauce for high performance, and are very pleased to welcome students from partner universities of Aalto University to study as exchange students at our courses.

If you would like to become an exchange student at Aalto, please first contact your home university’s international office. Once your home institution has approved your participation, you will need to apply directly to the Aalto School with which your home university has an agreement.

For further queries about the application procedure and the exchange programs at Aalto, please contact the Aalto Schools directly. More information and contact persons can be found on the school-specific pages.

Studies under the flexible study right agreement (JOO)

Based on a national agreement on flexible study rights (JOO), a student who has a right to complete a degree at a Finnish university may apply for a fixed-term right to pursue studies free of charge at another Finnish university. The flexible studies must be included in the student’s degree at their home university.

Students may apply for a JOO study right for an individual course or module — like the AVP Startup Minor, for example. The agreement covers both graduate and post-graduate students.

Aalto University has two application periods for JOO studies.

1–30 April: for courses that are held during the next academic year (autumn or spring).
1–31 October: for courses that are held next spring.

Doctoral students can apply anytime, but it is advisable to apply within the application periods, preferably during the term before the course begins. Apply four weeks before the course registration begins at the latest.

The JOO application should first be approved by the applicant’s home university before it is sent to the target university. Find out how your home university wishes to deal with outgoing applications.


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Get study rights to Aalto University

Non-degree studies, exchange studies, and studies under the flexible study right agreement (JOO) are available at Aalto University, and let you take courses from AVP. Some paperwork is needed, but don't worry — we'll do our best to have you join us in no time at all!

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Learn online

If you want to get learning fast and without a potentially lengthy application process, an online course could be the solution! Starting Up is an introductory level entrepreneurship course, where you’ll learn the fundamentals of startup entrepreneurship, company building, and how to create new products with real-life examples from successful entrepreneurs. The course is free and open for everyone — and you can get 2 ECTS as well.

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Open events

Hungry to learn, but don't need the credits? Join our open events! Ranging from hands-on workshops for small groups to inspiring talks for hundreds of people, our not-for-credit events are always free to attend and open for everyone. Whether you’re looking for concrete skills to up your game or to get inspired by hearing how others have succeeded, we’ve got you covered.

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