AVP Startup HOWTOs

Startup HOWTOs by Aalto Ventures Program

Aalto Ventures Program launches new section, where we will provide you with necessary information how to support and move your Startup further.

We know how complicated and frustrating might be the discovery of bureaucracy and legacy, however these things are still essential part of every venture.

Keeping a startup running

For every startup, from its conception to the exit, there are certain support operations that have to work since day one.

Having strategic partners & outsourced services helps you focus on the core of your business. For example, what are the patents you could make, or what laws should you be aware of? What kind of insurance would keep you and your co-founders safe? And what kind of payment systems would ensure your product get the value it reflects?

On April 13 we covered the basic Support Operations and we invited companies to explain to us why/how and for how much we get such services:

  • Legal services (Mäkitalo – Marja Hohti)
  • Insurance (OP Vakuutus – Kaarlo Luostarinen)
  • On-line invoicing (Zervant, John Hills)
  • Paying salaries (Palkkaus – Jukka Kiiskinen)
  • Accounting (Emu, Samuli Saviala)
  • Banking (Holvi – Arttu Talvitie)