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Unfolding Tomorrow

Unfolding Tomorrow — Quality education, quality future

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Join the next Unfolding Tomorrow event to learn how quality education and entrepreneurial skills can help us reach the SDGs and how you can play your part in it!

The future is uncertain and often impossible to see into. Instead of predicting the future, we should build it to be better than the present. We believe the best builders are people who think and work like entrepreneurs — people who act fast, take ownership and see problems as opportunities.

By providing more people with the skills and mindset to make a positive change and build a better future, we can stop trying to predict what’s going to happen — because we can make it happen.

At Aalto University, we believe in solving problems related to sustainability through entrepreneurship, facing problems rather than pretending they don’t exist, and educating ourselves rather than using the lack of knowledge as an excuse. And we believe in you.

Unfolding Tomorrow is an event series that brings the brightest minds in business, academia, and government together to talk about what we can do today to make tomorrow better. The event topics come from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their targets and indicators.

This Unfolding Tomorrow session is about SDG 4: ‘Quality education’ and specifically about Target 4.4: ‘By 2030, substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs, and entrepreneurship.’

We’re joined by experts from politics, academics, and business for brief introductory talks followed by a panel discussion. You’ll hear about the importance of education from different perspectives, learn about the actions and strategy of Aalto University, and get a better understanding of the education policies and decisions in Finland. After the panel, you’re more than welcome to stay for food, drinks, and to have a chat with the speakers and other guests.

The Unfolding Tomorrow event series is organized together with Aaltoes.

Meet the speakers:

Atte Jääskeläinen

Director General at the Ministry of Education and  Culture

Atte Jääskeläinen is Director General of Higher Education and Research Policy at the Ministry of Education and  Culture. Before joining the ministry he was Professor of Practice and Chairman of Advisory Board at LUT University.   He has been a Visiting Fellow both at London School of Economics and Political Science and at University of Oxford. Additionally, he has been among others the CEO of his wholly owned consultancy company, co-author of European Broadcasting Union’s news reports, and the Director of News and Current Affairs at Finnish Broadcasting Company.

Petri Suomala

Vice President for Education at Aalto University

Vice President for Education at Aalto University as of September 2018. Chair of Aalto’s Learning Steering Group which prepares, coordinates, monitors, and follows up joint strategic and operative issues in education and learning. Chairman of the board in Aalto Executive Education Ltd.  Before Aalto, Prof. Suomala held the same position at Tampere University of Technology, where he steered the development of educational offerings within the merger process of three universities in Tampere region. He has Academic background as professor of industrial engineering and management.

Karl Sorri

Content and Partnerships Specialist at Funzi

Karl Sorri is a Content and Partnerships Specialist at Funzi, a mobile learning service based in Finland. Apart from strategizing effective learning content and finding local partnerships around the world, he is focused on how technology can be harnessed to address global challenges. He has previously worked for various political institutions and projects across three continents.

In the future, learning will be everything. You learn all the time when you're awake and even when you're sleeping. How you're living your life is how you learn.

Atte Jääskeläinen, Director General at the Ministry of Education and  Culture