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Entrepreneurship Law

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Make your business lawfully good.

This is a set of two courses for aspiring entrepreneurs or freelancers who plan on owning a business — that is, every one of them. There are two separate courses: Entrepreneurship Law is an online course covering the basics, and Entrepreneurship Law in Practice adds more hands-on elements and applies the learnings of the online course to practice.

Entrepreneurship Law includes basic legal concepts and issues relevant during the lifecycle of a business. You will start by deciding what the potential role of a company is in your life and what your potential role is in the company you start. You will learn the main legal building blocks for a company, which helps you to reach your goals as an entrepreneur, be it a freelancing business, a consulting company, a small business, or a scalable startup aiming to change the world.

The online course runs in periods II and IV with the code ABL-E2611.

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Entrepreneurship Law in Practice takes everything you learned in the online course and then applies that to real-life situations. The content is of a practical nature and tests your legal, ethical, proactive and creative thinking. This course concentrates on the following issues: How to analyize the purpose and interest of the business? What are the possible legal challenges, problems and conflicts? How to act proactively to prevent conflicts and other problems? What is a legal business plan comprising the lifecycle of the company?

Please note that completing the online course Entrepreneurship Law is a prerequisite for this course.

The hands-on course runs in period V with the code ABL-E2612.



Meet the teachers

Kalle Airo



Sonja Hilavuo



Petra Hietanen-Kunwald