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Tools for action

Free-to-use tools and methods for introducing students to an entrepreneurial way of thinking and doing.

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All the exercises come with readily prepared facilitation slides you can use separately or attach to your own slideset. The tools and methods have been developed as a part of a higher education development project YTYÄ funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

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Yoop — credits from prior entrepreneurial competence

Turning entrepreneurship competence into credits The Yoop-tool supports students in taking advantage of the entrepreneurship competence acquired outside formal education and integrate it into their d...

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Ethics Panel

Broaden students' perspectives through difficult ethical questions. Ethics is an issue not often discussed in engineering education, and that can lead to major problems. Often, people who develop new...

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Intensity-Motivation -graph

A visual way to track workload and motivation. This tool provides a way for the students to track how hard they're working and how they are feeling about the work at the same time, finding possible c...

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Short entrepreneurial exercises

Simple, easy to facilitate drills to warm students up. These simple exercises are doable in a short time and require very little preparation or facilitation. Use them to introduce students to entrepr...

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Tell it with a Video

Using video as a way to communicate an idea. The session helps students understand what are the most important aspects of their idea and how to present those visually, as a video. The idea can be a b...

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New Business Game

Create a path from an idea to a happy customer. The idea of the game is simple: create a path from an idea to a satisfied customer. Unlike most games, you do not compete against your friends. Inst...

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