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Entrepreneurial Mindset Survey

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We think people at Aalto University are quite entrepreneurial. But we could be wrong. And the only one who can help us find out is you — by answering our survey.

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In a rapidly changing world, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial-minded people are crucial to building a sustainable future. With this survey, we want to find out how Aalto students feel about entrepreneurship and their own capabilities for making an impact.

The survey is conducted every fall among all Aalto University students to understand students’ thoughts on entrepreneurship, their interest in starting a company, and their views on their own entrepreneurial skills and capabilities.

Anyone can be an entrepreneur — even without being a founder. Being entrepreneurial means seeing problems as opportunities for innovation rather than as something to shy away from. It means taking ownership and responsibility, not waiting for someone else to act. It doesn’t mean you have to represent a certain demographic, and we hope to see respondents from very different backgrounds.

If you’d like to learn more about the survey and see how others feel, you can check out the results from our previous survey.

Statistical summaries based on the responses will be compiled for AVP, Aaltoes and Aalto University. Responses given by individual students cannot be identified from the summaries. Feel free to check out the full privacy notice.

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