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Creative Vanguards: How does it feel to become an entrepreneur?

Event info

Becoming an entrepreneur can be exciting, motivating, challenging or even frightening. These are normal feelings when leaping toward an unknown path of entrepreneurship. So, how to tackle these emotions?

Join the Creative Vanguards series’ second event to listen and discuss how taking the first steps when building your own career feels.

We will hear the Art, Life and Entrepreneurship 2 course students’ thoughts about entrepreneurship and have two insightful keynotes about building your career. We’ll end the event with a panel discussion about moving from studies to work life and how the transition from a student to a professional could be supported.

Keynote speakers

Mikki Ristola

Architect at AOR

Keynote: "How one can prepare for work life by building networks already in school"

Ilari Kohtamäki

Art, Life and Entrepreneurship course alumni

Keynote: "The role of entrepreneurial education in career building"