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Good Life Engine: Meaningful connections

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“Our need for social connections is primal.” (Dr Tara Swart)

We need to feel belonging to connect with other people. What can we do to better connect with other people: those already in our circles or completely new ones?

First, we can develop the skill to be a good listener. Secondly, to build meaningful connections, we should understand from which mindset we communicate with others and others communicate with us.

Erik Bäckman, Managing Director of Miltton Sparks, has a long practice of leadership training. He has trained CEOs of multinational companies, chocolate artisans, and NATO cyber defense experts, among others.

In this workshop, Erik will lead us through the practice of deep listening. He will introduce simple but powerful tools and exercises that help you connect better with yourself and others.


Good Life Engine is an AVP course that helps you develop habits and routines for a better life. The monthly workshops are open to all and free to attend. The next Good Life Engine course begins in January 2022 and sign-up is open now!