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Good Life Engine: Personal Mastery

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Join this open Good Life Engine session to acquire tools for personal mastery!

Personal Mastery is about accepting that you are creating the story of your life. How do you want to use your skills? What are your personal development goals? And how to connect these goals to your daily life?

During this workshop, you have an opportunity to reflect on your own story and goals. Learn tools that help you focus your energy, make decisions at the right time, keep your head cool and develop resilience.

This session is run by Merita Petäjä, a psychologist and psychotherapist, an entrepreneur, and project manager of Oasis of Radical Wellbeing at Aalto University. Merita is passionate about helping individuals make the needed shifts in their development and inspiring others to reach their goals.


Good Life Engine is an AVP course that helps you develop habits and routines for a better life. The monthly workshops are open to all and free to attend.