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Reconnect with your body

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We sit too much. It is a cliché, but that doesn’t make it less accurate — or any easier to change. Our current systems are designed to make us sit a lot, especially when doing intellectual work. Our body is not designed to sit for so many hours. However, just some minutes of regular exercise can already make a difference. 

Lidia and Anna from AVP are now certified energy coaches and know how to boost your energy through simple yet effective exercises, which they’ll introduce in this workshop. 

You can do the exercises in almost any setting: in an office, in a classroom, at home on a sofa, or at a gym — and there’s no need for any specific training, flexibility or outfit.

We will provide yoga mats for those who’d like to experience the exercises fully, but we will also show variations that can be done standing or on an office chair. So, no pressure; you can choose the level of physical activity that feels right for you. 


This event is part of the Aalto Wellbeing Week 2023 program. Read more about the week and find more events here (log in required).

Meet the instructors:

Anna Dementyeva

Anna is working at AVP as an Incubation Specialist. Her task is to coach and mentor students who want to turn their ideas into reality. In her coaching, Anna puts a lot of emphasis on a person’s well-being and self-awareness skills. Anna has degrees in pedagogy and business and has 15 years of experience in teaching and working with entrepreneurs.

Lidia Rauramo

Lidia is an AVP teacher, author of the Aalto-wide Good Life Engine course and Self-Leadership summer course, executive coach and speaker. Lidia understands better than most that self-improvement is not a miracle — it results from small daily practices and decisions that require more than just patience. During the well-being week, Lidia will run two workshops: ‘Reconnect with your body’ and ‘How to tackle anxiety.’