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Versus: What is value? Art vs Biz

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Business and art take opposite corners in this debate event by NuDe and Aalto Ventures Program, where it’ll finally be decided which one is stronger. Professionals from different disciplines will unleash their opinions on one another while debating the topic “what is value?” and trying to find common ground. Who will prevail? Or is it possible to arrive at a peaceful solution and accept both art and business as essential parts of our society and education, with a possibility to co-exist? 

After the debate, the audience can take part in the conversation and challenge our contestants — and each other — even more. Come prepared with your toughest questions and show no mercy — but keep an open mind and prepare to listen, too. 

When everything is said and done, we think everyone could use a break and some refreshments. That’s why we’ve prepared some food and drinks for you to enjoy after a sweaty evening. 

Versus is an event series that challenges perceptions of business, entrepreneurship and arts through in-depth discussions based on theory, experiences and mindsets. At NuDe and AVP, we believe that these disciplines have much in common and can learn from each other. With this event, we hope to help both sides understand the other a bit better

If that’s something that interests you — or if you just want to bombard business or art people with questions — join us on 16th March in Maria01, right next to Kamppi metro station.

Come for the fight — stay for the peace. 

Meet the speakers:

Paul Savage

Doctor of Science in Economics from Aalto University

Paul Savage, PhD (Econ.), offers a unique perspective as an actor, business practitioner, university teacher and academic researcher. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, he has spent 25 years in Europe. In 2019, he graduated with a Doctor of Science in Economics from Aalto University, with his work on entrepreneurial and organizational narratives. His research is related to the fictionality of organizations and entrepreneurial opportunities, and he teaches research impact, philosophy and startup practices.

Nana Salin

Master of Arts and Director of Alternative Funding at Aalto EE

Nana Salin is the Director of Alternative Funding at Aalto Executive Education and has a Master of Arts. She has a broad experience of leading and developing funding, partnerships and public relations in the sectors of university and culture. Previously, she has worked for example at the University of the Arts, Tanssin talo and EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art.

Peter Nyberg

Associate Professor of Finance at Aalto University School of Business

Peter Nyberg is an Associate Professor of Finance at Aalto University School of Business. His research focuses on asset markets and quantitative investment strategies, and he has published in academic journals such as the Journal of Finance and the Journal of Financial Economics. In his spare time, he loves listening to music and enjoys studying history and philosophy.

Niina Nurminen

Professional Actor and Creative Consultant

Niina Nurminen is the Founder and Director of ArtSense. After graduating with a Master of Theater Arts, she has worked as an actress, but considers herself a creative entrepreneur. She is a certificated metaskillcoach, business and team coach and a professional in the Forum-theater method. She has done a lot of work to increase the appreciation for artists and she has coached different artists to use their skill diversity in different areas of society.