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Solve the SDGs 2024

In the middle is the logo of Solve the SDGs. In the background a melted blop of plastic and the remnants of items like a flamingo beach toy.

Event info

Solve the SDGs is a hackathon on two continents for one purpose: creating solutions for reaching Sustainable Development Goals.

The future seems like a long way off, but it’s our actions today that dictate what tomorrow will be like. The world can’t afford to wait for perfect solutions to emerge. By acting now, we can make small changes that could snowball into big ones — and even solve big problems before they become too big to solve.

If you want to save the future, there’s no time like the present.

Solve the SDGs is a hackathon where we start the work towards a better tomorrow today by creating solutions for our partner organizations in order to move towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This year, Solve the SDGs is organized simultaneously in Finland and India, enabling a broader impact and providing the participants of both countries with new perspectives.

Together with bright minds from all over the world, expert mentors, and sufficient data, we can take a step toward a better future. Like every journey, the first step is the most important — and now is the time to take it. And did we mention you could win the main prize of 5000€?


Read more about the event at solvethesdgs.com and apply by 8.3. to join!

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Solve the SDGs hackathon is organized together by Junction and Aalto Ventures Program.