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Sustainability through entrepreneurship.

Our vision

We help the Aalto community in creating a sustainable future through entrepreneurship by solving problems related to Sustainable Development Goals.

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How startups can solve sustainable development goals

Already prior to the present predicament with the coronavirus, the world has been facing severe challenges regarding the well-being of the planet, the ecosystem, and humanity. Many of these challenges have been codified by the United Nations into the Sustainable Development Goals, ranging from eradicating poverty to ensuring clean water and sanitation for everyone, from […]

01 Apr 2020

We offer

Entrepreneurship education for all Aalto students

At AVP, students work in multidisciplinary teams, do hands-on exercises and gain tool of mass disruption, ready to be used either to construct a startup or to renovate an existing company from within.

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Training, tools and mentoring for ambitious teachers

Want to try integrating entrepreneurial skills in your course? We have free-to-use tools and methods for teaching purposes which you can use to introduce students to entrepreneurial skills. If you'd like to redesign your course even further, contact us and let's have a chat!

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More of university studies should be integrated into an AVP-like style. We shouldn’t be educated but encouraged to learn.

Maikki Messo, AVP student from School of Engineering
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Making the most of accelerators — after the program

We've talked about what an accelerator is, what to consider before joining one, and what to take into account during the program. Assuming you followed all the tips, the accelerator is now your friend. Friendship, however, isn't a one-way street. Anna, AVP's Incubation Specialist, shares 4 points to consider after graduating from an accelerator program.

Accelerator programs — what to consider during the program

Making the most of accelerators — during the program

Last week, we talked about what an accelerator is and what to consider before joining one. The two most important questions were whether you even need to get into one, and if yes, which one. Assuming you're now in one, do you think it’s time to relax and let things happen? Absolutely not. Anna, AVP's Incubation Specialist, shares 9 tips on how to make the most out of an acceleration program.

Accelerator programs — what to consider before joining

Making the most of accelerators — before the program

Anna, AVP's Incubation Specialist, has been working in different types of accelerators for the past 6 years before joining AVP. She understands their value but has also seen how little some entrepreneurs actually understand what accelerators are for and how to get the most out of them. In this article series, she shares some practical tips and advice on what to do before, during, and after the accelerator. For now, let's focus on the before.

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