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Rising voices from the South

S.U.R. is a decolonizing collective based on the understanding of the Global South not just as geography but as a way of standing, experiencing, and dancing through the world. Amy Gelera, one of the founding members, shares the story of how entrepreneurship, underrepresentation, and pasta created a movement.

Green energy illustration

Call to Action: Clean Energy Crunch

Facing the impending energy crisis, one tangible action many if not most Aalto community members can take right now is to aim our efforts at using our skills and talent to develop radically creative ideas for clean energy, writes Lauri Järvilehto. We can launch a Clean Energy Crunch: ideating and developing solutions with hyper-fast idea-to-deployment spans to solve the impending European clean energy needs.

There’s more than one way to save the world — and we need all of them

Revolutionary inventions such as airplanes and fertilizers have been a big factor in creating the civilization we now live in. However, they also charged us an unpleasant cost by speeding up climate change — and now we have to clean up. Fortunately, many startups, companies, and individuals are working toward solving the big problems and contributing to a better world and a cooler planet.

12 Nov 2021