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AVP and Advicera collaborate on a course for Ukrainian refugees

Ukrainian-born Yuri Kozik and Daria Sazonova are the founders of a Finnish technology startup Advicera Oy. The startup develops software for accelerators, incubators, and other innovation mentoring programs and is supported by several local and international investors such as Peter Vesterbacka.  When the Russian invasion of Ukraine started, Yuri and Daria saw the need to […]

22 Apr 2022

Photo of Reti Kilvet, AVP's new Producer

Meet our new team member Reti!

Reti Kilvet joins the team as AVP’s new Producer and will be taking care of all our needs for videos. Her role will include organizing and utilizing our existing video library and producing new quality content. Even though she sees this as a dream job, she doesn’t see herself as a video producer only — […]

01 Feb 2022

Aaro Angerpuro, new AVP Event Coordinator

Meet our new team member Aaro!

Aaro Angerpuro joins AVP’s ranks as an Event Coordinator, taking ownership of our large portfolio of events. His main responsibilities will be organizing and growing our current events, such as Unfolding Tomorrow and From Lab to Market, but he doesn’t want to settle for just doing the same old a bit better. His goal is […]

27 Jan 2022

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