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Teea Mäkelä is working at Aalto Ventures Program as an Innovation Education Specialist. She is passionate about bringing the potential in research and innovation to a wider audience and making a change in the world. At AVP, she can act as a bridge-builder between academia and business.

For her, the role she has at AVP is somewhat of a childhood dream. Since she’s young, she’s understood that research and technology can solve big problems on our planet. She also soon realized that businesses are essential in driving change together with the public sector. This led her to the Helsinki School of Economics and later consulting. Now at AVP, she can combine the best of both worlds by empowering researchers in bringing new solutions to the world.

Teea is also from academia herself, having a doctorate from Aalto University. She wants to encourage everyone going through the same process to really consider if their research could benefit people outside academia too, as she thinks too many research papers are only read by a handful of people.

Even in her free time, Teea enjoys learning new things the most. She reads tons of books and is endlessly curious. To balance all the reading, she likes restoring old furniture and dreams of someday buying and renovating an old log house.

I want to unleash the potential of researchers to benefit the world. There is incredible talent and passion in researchers — bringing it out into the world helps us all. At AVP, I can do that.

We are happy to have you, Teea! For more information about Teea, check out her LinkedIn. Feel free to get in touch with her!

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