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Casting call — AVP is looking for hosts for Solve the SDGs

We are looking for two hosts for the upcoming Solve the SDGs hackathon livestream. What is Solve the SDGs? Solve the SDGs is a hackathon by AVP and Junction where we work together towards a better tomorrow by creating solutions for reaching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This year, Solve the SDGs is organized simultaneously […]

14 Feb 2023

Meet our new team member Topias! 

Topias Turppa joins the AVP team as our new Event Coordinator, taking charge of our event portfolio. His primary responsibilities will be organizing and growing our current events, and he’s already set his goals high.  Topias feels that Otaniemi is almost oversaturated with events and wants to find ways to make AVP events really stand […]

19 Jan 2023

AVP is lookin for an event coordinator

AVP is looking for an Event Coordinator — apply by 28 November 2022!

Please note that this position is open only to current Aalto University students.  Aalto University is a multidisciplinary university in the fields of technology, business, arts, and design. It opens up new possibilities for strong multidisciplinary education and research. Aalto University has 12 000 students and a staff of 46000, of which 400 are professors. […]

07 Nov 2022

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