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Alumni story: Matilde Pelkonen — An influential journey

Monochrome is an influencer agency that builds bridges between brands and the most popular Finnish social media influencers. One of the founders, Matilde Pelkonen, is an AVP alumna who is always excited about something new. We had a chat with her to learn more about her company and her journey of book writing, food delivery, […]

27 May 2021

Making history — Combining art, education and entrepreneurship in one course

Art, Education and Entrepreneurship is a course by Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education (NoVA) and Aalto Ventures Program (AVP). We followed one of the course teachers, Jaana Brinck from NoVA, throughout the course to learn how a multidisciplinary arts course is planned and executed, and what goes on behind the scenes. Laying the groundwork […]

12 May 2021