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A collection of thoughts, stories, and findings on all things entrepreneurial, from the minds of the AVP team.

Ready, Set, Seoul — Lessons from Our 2-Week Study Trip to Korea

Embarking on a two-week study trip to Korea, our Aurora students anticipated a deep dive into the entrepreneurial landscape of a vibrant and dynamic country. What they encountered was not only a stark contrast to the Nordics but also a profound revelation: the entrepreneurial mindset is not a fixed trait one is born with but rather a skill that can be cultivated and honed over time.

12 Apr 2024

Happy Pride Month from GAYY!

Pride Month holds significant importance for the LGBTQI+ community. In recent years, the Pride celebration has extended from just a week to a whole month in Finland too. In this post, GAYY shares four reasons why Pride Month is celebrated.

25 May 2023

New office, new opportunities

AVP recently moved into a new office in a building we're sharing with Aalto Design Factory, Startup Sauna and a bunch of research groups from the School of Engineering. We’ve only been there for a short while, but collaboration between the different entities has already increased, and we can only imagine the future potential.

It’s Zambian time

Four Aalto University students visited Zambia to work on a case for a local startup, together with students from Zambia, Kenya, and Uganda. They started their voyage with high expectations, but none of them could anticipate the most important lessons they'd learn.