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A collection of thoughts, resources and findings on all things entrepreneurial, from the minds of the AVP team.

Not all learning comes from education

Yoop is a tool for students and teachers that supports students in taking advantage of the entrepreneurship competence acquired outside formal education and integrating it into their degrees. Johannes Kaira, one of AVP’s teachers, was involved in creating the tool and shares some thoughts on why it’s especially meaningful in our current environment. The ongoing […]

13 Apr 2021

Entrepreneurship for life — two stories of Biodesign startups

The health and medical technology industry has been growing fast for some time now, and there’s no reason to expect it would slow down. Because of our strengths in both healthcare and technology, Finland is one of the best countries to be in for those who want to introduce the latest innovations in the field […]

25 Mar 2021

The compound time of my life

Last week’s Wednesday I slept in a bit, and — after the mandatory morning rituals — I opened a real book instead of my MacBook. I wasn’t sick, I wasn’t on a holiday and I wasn’t even slacking off work; I was enjoying something called compound time. Here at AVP, the first Wednesday of every month […]

12 Mar 2021

Diversity and representation: The cyber west manifested in the corporeal rest

Representation is a key element in any visual design — you don’t want your brand to be represented by people who all look alike. Why, then, are white people so predominant in imagery all over the world, even though the majority of the world’s population is not white? Amy Gelera, AVP’s Visual Designer, has been […]

05 Mar 2021

(Re)searching for impact: An academic who wants to change the world

Sampson Tetteh came to Finland in 2014 to do his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Now, seven years later, he’s doing research on energy technology at Aalto University, with the intention of commercializing a whole new energy storage system to help us in the fight against climate change. To learn more about entrepreneurship, Sampson took […]

25 Feb 2021