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Goal setting goals

We've all been in a situation where we’ve no idea what we want and where to go. And that’s ok. Setting meaningful and reasonable goals was never easy, and the pandemic and now a war in Europe can make long-term goals feel pointless — but setting them now is as important as ever. Let’s break down what good goals are like and how to set them like an entrepreneur.

Rising voices from the South

S.U.R. is a decolonizing collective based on the understanding of the Global South not just as geography but as a way of standing, experiencing, and dancing through the world. Amy Gelera, one of the founding members, shares the story of how entrepreneurship, underrepresentation, and pasta created a movement.

Illustration of a coffee cup pouring. Both the coffee and the cup have a smile on their face.

Smells like entrepreneurial spirit — and coffee

A cup of coffee is a good start for the morning, but sometimes it’s not just about the drink. I have the habit of café hopping and getting to know the baristas behind the coffee counters — the ones who put their soul into making a good cup of coffee and inspiring visitors with their […]

20 Apr 2022