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A collection of thoughts, stories, and findings on all things entrepreneurial, from the minds of the AVP team.

Ten years of changes

In the last decade, AVP has changed a lot, and so has entrepreneurship education in general. As AVP turns ten years old, co-founder and co-director Kalle Airo tells the story of how Aalto Ventures Program grew from a potluck party to the education unit it is now.

Student holding a Julkku magazine

Chat with Jubileum Julkku

For most people, Wappu is a rather short period within a year. For them, the first signs of the upcoming first of May are mead and doughnuts, which start to fill up grocery store shelves approximately one month in advance.  A typical Finnish wappu celebration can be described like this: Wappu eve’s night with old […]

29 Apr 2022

Illustration of a coffee cup pouring. Both the coffee and the cup have a smile on their face.

Smells like entrepreneurial spirit — and coffee

A cup of coffee is a good start for the morning, but sometimes it’s not just about the drink. I have the habit of café hopping and getting to know the baristas behind the coffee counters — the ones who put their soul into making a good cup of coffee and inspiring visitors with their […]

20 Apr 2022