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A collection of thoughts, stories, and findings on all things entrepreneurial, from the minds of the AVP team.

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How facing my fears on stage has made me a better teacher

Sometimes we become better in our profession by doing something seemingly totally different. Meri Kuikka, one of AVPs teachers, audited for a role at a theatrical production company, and has since felt more comfortable on any stage — whether acting or teaching.

17 Mar 2022

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Call to Action: Clean Energy Crunch

Facing the impending energy crisis, one tangible action many if not most Aalto community members can take right now is to aim our efforts at using our skills and talent to develop radically creative ideas for clean energy, writes Lauri Järvilehto. We can launch a Clean Energy Crunch: ideating and developing solutions with hyper-fast idea-to-deployment spans to solve the impending European clean energy needs.

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Learn Thinking Tools to supercharge your mind

Like any human activity, thinking can be methodically improved. According to Lauri Järvilehto, one of the most powerful ways to develop your thinking is to learn to use thinking tools — a group of methods and practices that helps you navigate the multi-layered wonderland of your own mind.

24 Feb 2022

Making the most of accelerators — after the program

We've talked about what an accelerator is, what to consider before joining one, and what to take into account during the program. Assuming you followed all the tips, the accelerator is now your friend. Friendship, however, isn't a one-way street. Anna, AVP's Incubation Specialist, shares 4 points to consider after graduating from an accelerator program.