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A collection of thoughts, stories, and findings on all things entrepreneurial, from the minds of the AVP team.

It scares you and excites you. What to do?

One of our teachers, Paul, visited Nordic Business Forum and started thinking about the working life skills needed in the future. He found it scary to think he might have to re-train at his age — but at the same time, it excites him to think that he gets to learn and master something new. In this post, he ponders what mastering something really is.

Curiosity killed the cat. Really?

In English, we say that curiosity killed the cat. Paul, one of our teachers, is not sure if that's true, however. Based on his own experience, he thinks curiosity is the starting point of observing the world, learning, adjusting, and changing directions — and that it might actually save your life instead.

Accelerating the ways of thinking at Ignite

One of our team members, Aaro, took part in Ignite, a summer accelerator program at Aalto University aiming to make ideas into reality. The ten-week program is structured with weekly topics on entrepreneurship, from business validation to fundraising, but it's not just about accelerating startups. It’s truly a people accelerator.